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Summerfest 2014 will celebrate its 47th Anniversary June 25 - June 29 and July 1 - 6, 2014, from Noon until Midnight daily. Summerfest will be closed Monday, June 30.

As "The World's Largest Music Festival," this destination music event/property delivers great marketing opportunities for brands before, during, and after the event. Summerfest is the premier setting to create memorable experiences that attract and engage consumers:

  • Averages 900,000 attendees in 11 days
  • Display, product sampling, and lead generation
  • Variety of demographic segments
  • Designated locations throughout the 75+ acre festival park
  • All locations offer visibility and considerable foot traffic
  • Permanent stages & restrooms, paved walkways, music and sports areas, parking lots, gates, shoreline locations, and more
  • Footprints range in size, starting from 100 square feet
  • Rates available for entire festival run or select days (vary by number of days, footprint size and location)
  • Quotes for space available upon request

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